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Travel Costs
There is a mileage fee chargeable for all home or location site visits when outside of our immediate coverage area. Please feel free call to discuss our fees or for a quote. We happy to discuss your requirements so that we can suggest the most appropriate service to help support your individual needs.
Animal Welfare Centers
We are happy to offer a discounted rate for recognised animal welfare centers or their adoption homes either  pre or post adoption. Please call us to discuss how we may be able to support you, there is no cost to you when calling from a land line when you make use of our Freephone telephone number.
Methods of Payment
We are able to accept all methods of payment. However, we do have to pass on a handling charge of 2% on all credit cards.

Canine Behaviour Consultations

Behaviour consultations are only delivered as a package to ensure we are able to support clients over several weeks and months. Given the complexities of most established behaviour problems that we help with, we do not promote a 'quick fix' as often portrayed by inappropriate media. Setting realistic objectives and timescales is an essential part of a professional and supportive service and leads to systematic and positive behaviour rehabilitation. 

The behavioural consultation process costs £48 an hour but is only available as a package costing £360 and is payable by two installments of £180. In some instances a payment plan may be agreed.

If the client has insurance then we advise them to check their policy to see if behaviour work is covered before booking an appointment and if so they will be able to claim back most fees associated costs. Please call and ask to speak to Ben Mckechnie, Clinic Manager or Dean Hart Lead Behaviourist for guidance without obligation.

The package price includes the following;-

* Assistance with the Vet Referral process.

* All paperwork & ongoing communication with all associated parties and insurance companies.

* Initial consultation with behaviourist & rehabilitation trainer. 

* Full & detailed written report and treatment plan.

* Information, guidance and training on suitable products, supplements and equipment.

* Additional handouts where appropriate and guidance on suggested further reading.

* Full professional insurance cover.

* Three personal, one hour, 1-2-1 rehabilitation sessions.

* Email & telephone support during treatment plan.

* Email & telephone support for a further 12 months.

Fee:-  £360, divided into two payment installments of £180

Specialist Behavioural Dog Grooming

We are able to offer support and behaviour consultations for those dogs that suffer with anxiety, fear and phobias associated within dog grooming or being handled within similar situations. Very often aggression demonstrated on the grooming table is directly related to anxieties and fear responses.

The referral process and fee is the same as a standard canine behavioural consultation with the exception that we work with a specialist rehabilitation dog groomer. IMPORTANT NOTE TO HELP: If the owner has insurance cover for behaviour work then fees for this service may also be claimed.

Fee:- £360, divided into two payment instalments of £180.

Initial Behaviour Consultations 

& Training Advisory Sessions

We are happy to provide initial behaviour consultations and provide training advisory sessions without a full behavioural consultation. This service is not suitable or available for complex behaviour problems, any aggressive related problems or cases involving court orders.

These consist of brief history taking, assessment of suitability for a specific training plan, an hour to an hour and a half consultation with practical assistance. There is no written report with this service or follow up sessions included within the fees.


With Dean Hart MCBA MTGoD, Lead Behaviourist £95   With Ben McKechnie MTGoDT Clinic Manager £75 With a Rehabilitation Trainer £65

Expert Adviser & Witness Service

As part of our expert advisory and witness services we are able to offer a full report on the basis of the evidence as we understand it. We can provide independent assistance to the court and other parties by way of objective unbiased opinion in relation to matters within our expertise. Fees charged at £85 an hour plus expenses.

Please contact us for further information and support.

Temperament Testing & Behaviour Evaluation

We are able to provide a full and comprehensive temperament testing service to support owners, animal welfare centres and foster services. We can advise on suitability for adoption or advanced training and can assess the dog's behaviour towards animals, children and adults while identify influences on the dog's behaviour and specific behavioural traits. We may be able to offer a discounted fee for animal welfare centres, please call us to discuss your needs. It is possible that this service provided as part of a behavioural consultation service may be covered by the owner's pet insurance. 

Fee:- £180 includes full written report with photographic support where appropriate.

Rapid Response service for Veterinary Centres, rescue Centres & Legal Firms
We recognise that at times owners and professionals may need immediate or early intervention and advice, especially if aggression is  involved. Our Rapid Response service is available for all professionals that register with us. Our Rapid Response service enables professionals to contact us immediately or out of hours for advice and support. We will also contact their clients immediately if needed. There is no fee for this professional service. Terms and conditions Apply. This service requires the Vet Centre, Rescue Centre or Legal Firm to register with us first. Please contact us for further information.